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Jan Fay is an organic skincare formulator and founder of Nami Naturale.

Her luxury organic skincare line is made of certified organic active plant-based ingredients, free from preservatives, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and handmade in her apothecary workshop based in Cavan.

The mother of two talks about the importance of a wellness routine in these challenging times.

Four years ago, while both working in New Zealand, Jan Fay and her husband, Andrew found out they were expecting and made a decision to settle to Ireland where her husband is native. Soon after giving birth to her second child, she realized that taking care of a newborn baby, moving countries, and being away from her family took a toll on her physical and mental health. “Stress has caused my skin to break out, it triggered eczema resulting in itchy, flaky hands and my hair was thinning. I was literally falling apart. I didn’t expect to respond that way to stress because I used to work in a high pressured environment and I’ve lived in many places but my first year in Ireland was incredibly a difficult period.” – she says.

Jan immerses herself to study plant medicines to create formulas to ultimately help her heal. She developed a collection of skincare and wellness formulations that brought her inner calmness. Jan shared “As a mother of two, using my own creation of skincare products helped bring back my healthy skin and transformed my mundane routine to a precious self-care ritual that I value and look forward to at the end of the day. I know that my beauty ritual helped me bounce back from that dark place.”

I feel that good health should be available to all of us in all forms including natural skin and wellness rituals. By taking charge of our wellness and looking after our skin, we can achieve great things for our health and in turn, improve our connection with the people around us.” She adds.

Research has shown that habitual behavior helps us clear our minds and induce a feeling of calmness and control. Studies have also shown that by adopting a skincare routine while using the right skincare products has been proven to moderate stress. “Adapting a wellness ritual is a must these days. A simple skincare routine at home can constitute as a wellness ritual – when you step in an intentional moment of committing to self-care and start paying attention to yourself for a moment, you nurture your skin from the outside and nourish your soul from the inside. That’s what rituals do, it allows you to create a sacred space to honor your skin and wellbeing. To rejuvenate your soul. I’m a big believer in rituals, it’s not vanity. It’s called self-love.”

Nami Naturale is a multi-award winning Irish Beauty Brand who has recently gained two accolades from the prestigious international Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 for two of their products: Everyday Hero Face and Body Moisturising Balm and Antok Calming Sleep Body Oil. They also won two awards from the Hi Style Ireland Best Beauty Buys 2020 for two of their products: Everyday Hero Face and Body Moisturising Balm and Hand and Feet Relief Saviour. Launched in 2019, it is a small family business run by husband and wife team Andrew and Jan Fay. Both of them are passionate to build a successful eco-luxe organic skincare brand.