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The Nami Naturale Three -Prong Approach Formulation

The Nami Naturale Three -Prong Approach Formulation

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The structure of all our formulation is based on a three-prong formulation approach adapted by Jan, both Founder and Certified Organic Cosmetic Formulator. Thanks to our three-prong approach, we developed a curation of exclusive formulations that offers the ultimate hydration to deeply nourish and help repair problematic skin while improving wellness through a daily commitment of beauty and cleansing skin ritual.
The Nami Naturale Three -Prong Approach Formulation involves a selection of active ingredients, cold processed certified organic botanical oils, butters and essential oils in designing a synergistic and effective skin enhancing formulation that also supports the wellbeing.

What are active ingredients?

Active Ingredients, sometimes referred to High Performance, Bio-Active or Advance Ingredients are the same. These are ingredients that have been clinically proven to help treat, improve, or change a variety of skin condition on a cellular level. In designing a botanical formulation, the idea of blending active ingredients in the formulation is challenging. A botanical formulation like Nami Naturale’s products by true definition is composed of premium plant extracted cold-processed/unrefined ingredients that already have diverse benefit for the skin. Here in Nami Naturale, we enhance our formulation by infusing it with active ingredients that works in synergy to create a powerful formulation delivering soothing, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and protective properties to the skin. The creative art of blending a synergistic botanical formulation infused with active ingredients is a skill our founder and chief formulator have acquired by studying a course in Organic Cosmetic Skincare Formulation. There is a style and scientific understanding that comes from experience and studies that goes in the selection, percentages used of each ingredient and process ensuring delivery of a stable formulation. When a formula is executed with artistic, scientific, and precise calculation, the result is a complex formulation that is called High Performance, Bio-Active or Advance Natural Skincare product like Nami Naturale’s skin ritual range.

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What are cold-pressed certified organic botanical oils and unrefined butters and waxes?

The difference between cold-processed/unrefined natural ingredients and refined ingredients are the manner the oils are extracted from the raw ingredients producing two different type of oils. Refined ingredients are extracted while using heat to produce a higher yield however in return the heat destroys all the nutrients of the raw material, diminishing the antioxidants and fatty acids to exceptionally low and even zero level. For this very reason, refined natural ingredients are cheap to procure because it is stripped of all the nutrients and contains fewer active compounds. Cold-processed/unrefined ingredients on the hand are processed mechanically and will undergo minimal low temperature to zero heat extraction to extract the oil from the seed, nut, etc.
Studies shows that cold-pressed/unrefined natural ingredients are healthier. Rich in Phyto-nutrients, full of antioxidants and Vitamin E which are the building blocks ensuring Nami Naturale’s delivery of an optimally effective and superior quality formulation. More importantly, it is free of chemicals added to oils during the refining process making refined oils having a longer shelf than its unrefined counterparts. This also explaining why a true natural product like Nami Naturale a shorter shelf-life of 12 months expiry and we recommend enjoying your entire products for 3- 6 months upon opening.
A true cold-pressed botanic oil and unrefined butters and waxes sourced from a reputable supplier has a very distinct colour, texture and sometimes smell that comes after from its origin. These ingredients are harder to process and yields smaller than its refined origin reflecting its premium price. These properties of a true cold processed/unrefined ingredients are reflected on Nami Naturals final product wherein you can smell of either a hint of nuttiness, sweetness or sometimes the smell of freshly cut grass or herb. It also reflected in the rich colour of our products featuring bright yellows, deep reds of hues of green without the use of artificial colouring.
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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile plant extracts that create unique aromatherapeutic experience to help support health and wellbeing and when infused in a topical application can support the integrity of the skin. It has existed and been used for hundreds of years because of its medicinal properties and modern science have proven a selection of essential oils truly remarkable for their healing benefits. A true essential oil will constituents knows as Limonene, Linalol, Citranol among others and this are highlighted in bold in the INCI declaration of Nami Naturale’s product page. These compounds are non-synthetic and naturally occurring in many plants and transferred along from the extraction process from a raw ingredient of an essential oil.
Essential oil is a hot topic right now and there are a lot of misinformation being spread and its damaging the aromatic skincare industry and natural medicine. There are hundreds of scientific studies confirming the benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are potent and extremely effective medicine but can be harmful when use in incorrect proportions or in its adulterated form.
Pure essential oils formulated professionally assist the skin in proper function and health. Essential oils are a whole, complete plant compounds. They contain the life force of the plant which makes its beneficial and powerful. It contains an array of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, regenerative, anti-acne, antioxidant. and skin supporting benefits, among others. However, it must be used in specific proportions and blended carefully in a skincare formulation to achieve effective and safe results.
As an aromatic healer, essential oils can make a positive impact on health and wellbeing when the scent molecules of essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impacts the amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain. Modern Medicine has recently adapted the use of aromatherapy in the treatment of cancer, pain relief, recovering from trauma and depression, among others.
Here in Nami Naturale, our Founder and chief Formulator, Jan studied and trained in Organic Cosmetic Skincare Formulation from an internationally renowned and UK-based institution to deliver top quality formulation using essential oils.

Note: For those people who have extremely sensitive skin (as been advised by professional), EO’s should be avoided at first to find out what is going on with the skin. Sensitive skin is not a type, it is a condition which can be ultimately healed until when a condition is determined both internally and on the surface of the skin. Therefore, as with any new product, you should do a skin patch first.

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