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Nami Naturale Rejuvenate Face Oil

Nami Naturale, Goodbye And Hello and Rejuvenate Review

I’ve decided to share the fantastic reviews we received from our amazing customers and friends in the community and I thought I start with the fabulous Helen De Bois, an Irish Actress, Radio DJ, and Media Presenter. Helen was kind enough to share her experience and write a review about the things she loves about…
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Nami Naturale Wins in the Digital Business Ireland National Awards 2020

Winners announced in the inaugural Digital Business Ireland – permanent tsb National Digital Awards 2020 February 26, 2021 Award recipients demonstrate Ireland’s best digital businesses are innovating beyond the current challenges caused by the pandemic.  Cavan based business, Nami Naturale Limited, a small family start up luxury organic skincare brand has been named the BEST…
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Blog - The Nami Naturale Way 5

The Nami Naturale Three -Prong Approach Formulation

The structure of all our formulation is based on a three-prong formulation approach adapted by Jan, both Founder and Certified Organic Cosmetic Formulator. Thanks to our three-prong approach, we developed a curation of exclusive formulations that offers the ultimate hydration to deeply nourish and help repair problematic skin while improving wellness through a daily commitment…
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Goodbye and Hello

Why Oils are Good for Your Skin

Oils have been used by indigenous people all over the world in various forms for thousands of years. In fact, ancient Egyptians have reportedly used oils in cosmetics as early as 4500 B.C.E. Nothing lasts that long unless it works right? Typically, when you hear the words “oil” and “skin” in the same sentence, it’s…
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Beauty and Sustainability – Why we should care

Sustainability in the beauty industry has become a hot topic due to a rise in environmental awareness, new global standards, its profitability and consumer demand. Sarita Coren, considered the ‘Godmother of green beauty’, defines it as a “commitment to the earth, guarding its resources and the medicinal properties of plants, herbs, flowers, etc.” A green…
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Nami Naturale Kalma

Why Massages are Good for your Health

Massage therapy history dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures as a sacred system of pain relief and natural healing. The earliest date of origin for massage therapy was back in 2700 B.C.E. At this date, there was a historical book created involving Chinese medicinal traditions and it was titled “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic…
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Nami Natural Face, Hand and Body Creams


“NAMI means beautiful in Ilonggo, an Austronesian regional language in the Philippines.” The international prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 winners have just been announced and Cavan Company, Nami Naturale, has won two commendation awards. These awards celebrate the brands and products that a panel of beauty experts consider absolutely outstanding in a very competitive marketplace.…
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Nami Naturale

Are you looking for a Hand Saviour during this uncertain times?

Meet Dedes. She hails from New Zealand. A convert of green beauty. She believes in the value of self-care as it’s showing how she rocks being a fabulous Mum in this photo. Like Dedes, I am a Mammy too. Being a Mammy means constantly washing hands and exposing our hands to soap, water, and household…
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It’s strange times but this is our promise to you…. Dear Beautiful, I hope you are keeping well in this strange time. Times are rough. We know how you feel. We are scared too in these times of uncertainty. But this is our promise to you… Please be reassured that our online shop is operational…
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In this challenging time, most of us are still adjusting to working from home lifestyle and staying indoors as much as possible. Let’s not forget to keep the little ones entertained for the entire day. As women and mothers – we are constantly putting out energy. We pour our heart and soul into caring for…
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