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Meet Jan

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Nami Naturale

Our Story

Meet Jan

My name is Jan Fay, I am the Founder and Master Formulator of Nami Naturale. I am an Architect, mother of two, nature lover, beauty enthusiast and a beauty entrepreneur. Prior to launching Nami Naturale, I spent seven years working as an Architect leading to a career in Project Management in Christchurch, New Zealand where I met my husband and co-founder Andrew Fay.

I followed my heart and we moved to Ireland to settle with our growing family. Nami Naturale essentially was born out of love and together, we built Nami Naturale.

Formulated to suit all skin types and especially helpful for dry, mature and sensitive skin, our capsule skincare collection will help you achieve measurable results without over-complicated routines. I am a mother of two and I understand how overloaded life can be and finding time for self-care may become a challenge.

By appreciating skincare as a form of self-care, I encourage you to make time for a ritual of self-love. No matter how busy life can be and wherever life takes you – I encourage you take that pause to nurture and take care of yourself while using our transformative advance botanical beauty rituals.

The Company

Nami Naturale is a small family owned; award-winning skincare brand hand crafted in our exclusive apothecary workshop in Swellan, Cavan. 

We are committed to creating ethical and effective artisanal skincare rituals with uncompromising integrity and without sacrificing quality. 

As a small artisanal Irish skincare brand, we are redefining the natural Irish beauty landscape and breaking the boundaries. I hope that Nami Naturale will lead the way to inspire small and start-up Irish beauty brands to deliver safe, sustainable, and efficient skincare.

We create skin rituals with all the love we can muster to deliver the most beautiful skincare ritual you can experience.

Our mission is to provide you with sustainable, results driven, natural skin care products that will help create everyday moments of bliss through a luxurious, minimalistic and efficient skincare rituals.

We created Nami Naturale for people looking for advance natural skincare products to help take care, nurture, and empower themselves so they can improve their connection with their love ones and people around them.

I’ve often been asked how I become a formulator and to answer this, Love started it all. Nami Naturale is born out of love and inspired by my holistic and natural post-natal journey, motherhood, Asian Culture and love of high street beauty brands and that’s where it all began.  

Stop. Breathe. Let go. Reconnect with yourself. Rediscover calmness through Nami Naturale.

Our Story

Originally from the Philippines, I worked as an Architect for seven years that lead to a career in Project Management in Christchurch, New Zealand where I met my husband and co-founder, Andrew.

My husband and I moved to Ireland where he is native to set up our growing family. The pressure of moving to a new country and being away from my family while taking care of a new born baby, giving up my career and the feeling of isolation took a toll on my mental health. It was also during the birth of Saoirse that I suffered from allergic dermatitis. My hands became dry, itchy, and ended up being raw. My skin was resistant to any over the counter treatment. This is when I started to embarked deeply in studying plant medicines and found healing in creating my own natural skincare formulations.

From the moment I immersed myself in the magical world of plant medicine, I was able to refocus the negative energy into something positive. And when I found myself recovering my inner strength, I discovered my new purpose. I saw skincare as a powerful tool for self-care.

As a beauty and skincare enthusiast, it was important for me to create natural products that will deliver the same if not better results from using conventional skincare products.

As a mother of two, it was crucial for me to create formulations that I know will be safe to use around my family and have minimal effect on the environment. We wanted to show our children that we can live sustainably even by using skincare products. My own creation of aromatherapeutic products helped bring back my healthy skin with a clean conscious mind and transformed my mundane routine into a precious self-care ritual that I value and look forward to at the end of the day.

The Journey

As I recovered my inner strength and regained confidence with my skin, I started to expand my circle. I meet new friends and shared with them my love for natural skincare. Words started to spread and my formulation evolved and took a new focus.

I was inundated by request after request to create skincare to help eased the discomfort of more extreme issues – skincare following a kidney dialysis, cancer treatments, severe acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, a combination of multiple skin issues and all sorts of skin inflammation of all types and experienced by all ages.

These challenges have led me to pursue a course in Organic Cosmetic Science and train with an award-winning and accredited London based School of Organic Cosmetic Science. I believed that in order for me to help my clients, I needed a formal education to understand cosmetic science deeper in order to create products that will deliver measurable results.

The Beginning

Fast forward today, Nami Naturale is a conscious Irish Skincare Brand advocating for mindful skincare rituals. Our natural skincare products harness the power of scientifically proven botanical extracts and active ingredients to offer skin-enhancing, stress-relieving, and effortless skincare rituals.

We offer gentle yet effective natural products that are better for our skin, wellbeing, and environment compared to conventional skincare. 

We believe that by creating accessible advance organic skincare, we inspire people to empower, nurture themselves, rediscover mindful skincare rituals and make the switch to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

What is Nami?

Nami means beautiful in my mother’s native dialect. My mum introduced me to the value of self-care, plant medicine and caring for the environment at a young age and naming our brand Nami is my ode of love and way of honouring her.

My childhood inspiration

My childhood and Asian culture are my earliest memories of apothecary. I remember my Mum, a registered midwife, tagging me along when she visits her patients. I listened to her talked about the therapeutic benefits of herbal medicines when infused in teas, steam baths and post-natal massage oils.

In Southeast Asia, it is a traditional practice for a pregnant woman to require post-pregnancy confinement after giving birth to regain strength and health. Asian postnatal confinement period includes a holistic approach and herbal medicines.

I remember my mum soaking “Gugo” – a bark of a tree with warm water and infused it with lime to use as a shampoo on my hair. And whenever I had a cough, my mum would make a natural cough syrup from leaves of bitter gourd freshly harvested from her vegetable garden. She will grind it then infused it with lime and honey.

Growing up, I remember her washing plastic bags and hanging it dry on the clothes line so she can reuse them. She was also thrifty in saving empty tubs of ice cream which she uses to store random bits and pieces of things. Growing up, I help her gather local spinach, tomatoes, and chili from our vegetable garden.

Not having known at that time, at a very young age, I was introduced to the world of the ancient tradition of Filipino healing practices and sustainability.