The story of Nami Naturale began in 2016 when Architect and Entrepreneur, Jan Fay became pregnant and searched for an effective post-pregnancy confinement available in New Zealand. In 2017, they decided to return to her husband’s native country, Ireland, where she continued her search for natural alternatives.

Our founder Jan started her wellness journey when she found out she was pregnant.

Across Asia, it is traditional practice for a pregnant woman to require a post-pregnancy confinement after giving birth as part of her post-partum recovery. In the Philippines, a post-partum confinement is traditionally assisted by a “Hilot” who uses a herbal bath of “pito–pito” (a collection of seven herbal medicine, l for the herbal steam and performs a whole body massage afterwards.

Pito-pito (literally, seven-seven) is a blend of seeds or leaves from seven traditional herbal medicinal plants.

“Hilot” refers to both the technique and the practitioner. Traditionally a ”Hilot” is a person trained by an elder who had developed the ability to detect congestion in the body, misalignments in the skeletal structure and energy imbalances. He or she can also identify local herbal medicines that can aid in soothing minor illnesses. It is also a Filipino healing method practiced for more than a hundred years. Both traditional warm coconut oil and warm banana leaves are applied on the body to aid in the treatment. The massage technique is characterized by slow deliberate strokes to remove of air blockages in the body locally called as “Lamig”.

But Jan was unable to find what she was looking for in both New Zealand and later in Ireland. Fuelled by her strong belief in the healing powers of nature to speed up her post-partum recovery, she set out on an educational journey to learn all about aromatherapy, apothecary and medicinal herbs.

Her first formulations were a variety of wellness oils that helped her through her labour, heal and recover post pregnancy. Her new curiosity about wellness has led her to find out that most conventional personal care products in the market contain unnecessary ingredients i.e. chemicals and parabens that can harm the skin and body. Much more, there are big beauty brands that led the consumers to believe that great skin comes with a premium price by using chemically laden skincare products.

Equipped with her new-found knowledge, she began creating a personal skin care line for her family. Her formulation approach was simple. To design a formula using the best multifunctional botanical ingredients that are well researched and proven by science. The end- result was versatile skin care products that are safe to use and gentle for her new born baby and the whole family.

Jan also realized the importance of having wellness massage oils in her household. Coming from the Asia where massage is considered as part of a typical wellness lifestyle, our Founder is not a stranger to the elements of relaxation. Because there were limited options for quality massage oils available, Jan formulated her own body massage oils to help soothe muscle tension, aid in relaxation, and promote sleep, along with many other benefits.

Soon, Jan began sharing her products with family and friends who adored the amazing results of her natural formulations. She then launched her products in her local town’s Christmas Market which garnered favourable reviews and attention. She realised that there is a gap in the market for accessible luxurious natural skincare products. Her interest to bridge this gap led her to seek guidance from her local town’s Enterprise Board that eventually landed her as one of the 15 County Finalists for the Ireland Young Business Entrepreneur 2019. Her passion and commitment to deliver quality natural organic skincare products have led her to further her skills by enrolling in the International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program offered by Formula Botanica, an international award winning learning school offering courses in Organic Cosmetic Science.

That’s when Nami Naturale was officially born. Initially, it all began as a journey into her own personal wellness. But once she discovered the power of nature’s diverse and effective healing benefits, Jan made it her mission to share to the world the importance of quality organic skincare products and at the same time educating people about the benefits of using organic skincare not only to one’s personal health but to the environment’s sustainability.

Today, Nami Naturale is pleased to bring you honest, high-performance, skin-loving skincare products. It is our hope that we transform and elevate your self-care ritual with our artisan, aromatherapeutic and luxurious products and that you enjoy every moment of it!

“I truly believed in the power of nature and its goodness. When we take the abundance of natural ingredients to create products to nourish our skin and spirit, we treat ourselves and the nature around us with utmost respect.” – Jan Fay, Founder

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Námì means to be or become nice, agreeable or beautiful in Hiligaynon, a dialect in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.


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