I’ve often been asked how I became a formulator since I was an aspiring Project Manager, with over ten years of professional experience as an Architect. To answer this – Love started it all.  My love gave birth to an entire premium organic skincare collection.

Indulge in my story and get to know me a little deeper today…

Giving up my career I literally built on tears, sleepless nights, caffeine, lots of red wine and hard work was extremely difficult. Studying a degree in Architecture in the Philippines is like studying a degree to become a doctor. It takes 7 years to get qualified as a licensed Architect (assuming you pass the licensure exam on your first take).

I worked for several years in the field of Design Architecture and progress to aspiring a Project Management role when I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand. After qualifying in a Graduate Diploma in Project Management, I landed my dream job in the Education Infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Education.


The story of Nami Naturale began in 2016 when I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby.

When I found out we were expecting after a difficult miscarriage earlier that year, I started to research and learn about two things:

First is a holistic approach to pregnancy leading to natural birth and second is to apply the philosophy and ancient tradition of Asian post confinement practices to aid my post-partum recovery. Going back to my roots, in Asia, it is a traditional practice for a pregnant woman to require post-pregnancy confinement after giving birth.

However, in 2017, while seven months pregnant we made a big decision to leave everything behind and move to Ireland, my husband’s native country to settle with our growing family.

Love ruled and I followed my heart.

I continued my research in Ireland and unable to find Asian herbal medicines in – I set out on an educational journey to learn all about an apothecary, medicinal herbs, essential oils, and aromatherapy.
By utilizing my new-found knowledge, I was able to create wellness formulations that helped me during my pre and post-natal recovery. I experienced a positive birth and survived eight-hour labor without any medical pain relief.


The pregnancy glow faded and my skin became highly sensitive. As soon as the pregnancy hormones flushed out of my system, my emotions run high and low, I wanted to explode. I was once fearless and beautiful but moving to a new country and being a new mother was slowly eating me alive from the inside to outside. I suffered from sleepless nights, restless days, extreme hair loss, reactive skin that erupts with acne and extremely dry hands and feet…

Moving countries, giving up my career to becoming a housewife and a stay at home mum was daunting…it almost broke me. But my love for my family kept me sane and the solution I found was to immerse myself further to the study of plant medicines to create formulas to ultimately help me heal.

This time, I set out to develop a collection of skincare and wellness formulations that will soothe my senses, bring an inner calmness and caress my postnatal skin.
As a mother of two, using my own creation of aromatherapeutic products helped bring back my healthy skin and transformed my mundane routine to a precious self-care ritual that I value and look forward to at the end of the day.


As I recovered my inner strength and regained confidence with my skin, I started to expand my circle. I meet new friends and shared with them my love for natural skincare. Words started to spread and my formulation evolved and took a new focus.

I was inundated by request after request to create skincare to help eased the discomfort of more extreme issues – skincare following dialysis, cancer treatments, severe acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, a combination of multiple skin issues and all sorts of skin inflammation of all types and experienced by all ages including babies.
These challenges have led me to pursue a course in Organic Cosmetic Science and train with an award-winning and accredited school of organic cosmetic science, Formula Botanica. I believed that in order for me to help my clients, I needed a formal education to understand cosmetic science deeper in order to create products that will truly help inflamed damaged skin of all ages and addressed multiple skin issues.


Fast forward today, NAMI NATURALE WAS BORN.

I don’t think Nami Naturale will be here if love didn’t rule me.

What started as a journey of love, healing, education, and self-discovery has resulted in an entire collection of face and body skincare ritual and wellness body and massage oils.

My mission is to provide you natural skin care products that will help create everyday moments of bliss through a luxurious yet minimalistic skincare ritual. Our capsule skincare collection will help you achieve the best skincare results without over-complicated skincare routines. I am a mother of two and I understand how overloaded life can be and finding time for self-care may become a challenge.

I want you to feel excited and to look forward to your beauty ritual every single time. I want to help strengthen your inner wellness while you immerse in a sacred ritual of self-care. I want you to feel beautiful inside and out.

By appreciating skincare as a form of self-care, I encourage you to make time for a ritual of self-love. No matter how busy life can be and wherever life takes you – when you take that pause…it is my desire to elevate your skincare routine.

Stop. Breathe. Let go.
That moment starts now…


My earliest memories of apothecary begin in the Philippines. Growing up, I remember my Mum, a registered midwife, tagging me along when she pays her patients a follow-up visit. I listened to their stories on the therapeutic benefits of herbal medicines when used for teas, baths steam and infusing oils to use for post-natal massages. Across Asia, it is a traditional practice for a pregnant woman to require post-pregnancy confinement after giving birth and the philosophy of the Asian postnatal confinement period includes a holistic and natural approach using a combination of healthy eating, using herbal medicine and massage to help a woman recover as part of her post-partum recovery.

I remember my mum soaking “Gugo” – a bark of a tree with warm water and infused it with lime to use as a shampoo on my hair. As an adult, I get complimented a lot on having a healthy head of mane and I attribute it to using “Gugo” when I was younger.

When having a cough, my mum would take leaves of bitter gourd in her vegetable garden, infused it with lime and blend it with honey. It tastes bitter but I would find relief after a few hours of taking it.
Not having known at that time, at a very young age, I was introduced to the world of the ancient tradition of Filipino healing practices.