A face care ritual for the luxury-loving and eco-conscious beauty. This box lets you experience effective and exquisite artisanal Irish Organic Skincare that harness the potency of premium quality plant-based botanical oils rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids.  Both the serum and cleansing oil has been shown to have noticeable benefits for an array of skin concerns including dry skin, acne as well as helping reduce redness and visibility of fine lines. Together, Rose + Camillia is the dream duo to nourish, revitalize, fortify, and repair the skin leaving a healthy glowing plumped-up complexion. Harnessing the power of aromatherapy, the calming and luxurious aroma effectively relieves feelings of anxiety and stress.

Suitable for all skin types. Made by certified organic cold processed/unrefined ingredients. Plant-based.



Rejuvenate Face Oil Nourishing Serum for All Skin Types

Goodbye and Hello Complete Cleansing Oil 

Antok Calming Sleep Body Oil

Everyday Hero All-Purpose Antioxidant Beauty Balm

Melt to Nourish Revitalising Body Butter

Meet our beauty heroes…

  • Rejuvenate Face Oil Nourishing Serum for All Skin Types (full size)

A universal and multi-correctional day and night moisturising treatment, REJUVENATE FACE OIL SERUM, is infused with exquisite ROSEHIP FRUIT/SEED OIL proven for its cell regeneration and anti-aging properties. It contains natural tretinoin, the acid form of Vitamin A which is good for treating all kinds of skin infections such as acne and pimples. Rosehip Oil is also scientifically proven to repair damaged skin tissues caused by chemotherapy, scalds, burns, pigmentation, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Goodbye and Hello Complete Cleansing Oil (30 ml) 

GOODBYE AND HELLO COMPLETE CLEANSING OIL is an ultra-gentle yet detoxifying all in one deep cleansing and nourishing beauty oil that effectively removes all traces of makeup and daily dirt, gently clears impurities and dullness from your skin to reveal a smooth, soft, and fresh complexion featuring CAMILLIA OIL, a gentle yet powerful botanical oil used by the Japanese Geishas for flawless skin and smooth hair. It is renowned for its deep cleansing ability to melt away makeup and remove dirt and impurities with ease without drying the skin.

  • Antok Calming Sleep Body Oil (10 ml)

Take back the night naturally and switch off your mind before you sleep with this dreamy blend of ANTOK CALMING SLEEP BODY/MASSAGE OIL.  A nourishing blend of cold-pressed organic botanical oils helps hydrate skin while the heavenly aroma has been carefully created to help you relax and quiet your mind to help you prepare to drift into the bliss of sleep.

  • Everyday Hero All-Purpose Antioxidant Beauty Balm (10 g)

A multi-purpose anti-oxidant beauty balm this award-winning EVERYDAY HERO™ is a delicate blend of nature’s most effective cold-pressed active botanical oils and antioxidants well known for repairing the skin while working to nourish the skin deep within. Fast absorbing and nutrient-dense formulation combined with potent anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties to help hydrate, care, and comfort the skin making this velvety-textured balm an all in one formula suitable for a day and night moisturizing treatment.

  • Melt to Nourish Revitalising Body Butter (10 g)

A decadent aroma-centric soothing moisturizing treatment with uplifting properties, this active blend of MELT TO NOURISH™ REVITALIZING LUXURY BODY BUTTER has been shown to have noticeable benefits to help relieve a number of skin concerns including dryness, scaling, flakiness, roughness, broken skin, and itchiness. Our Luxury Body Butter is formulated to enhance your body care ritual with active ingredients usually only found in face care products. The powerful combination of deeply nourishing active botanical oils, butter, and potent anti-inflammatory properties works to repair the skin immediately upon application. Fast absorbing, non-greasy, and instantly melts to liquid upon contact with the skin.