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Nami Naturale


Our Method

Our commitment to crafting ethical and sustainable skincare is unparalleled from seed to the bottle. Every detail of our manufacturing process and formulation has been considered. We operate on the basis of honesty and respect. And we mean that by a thoughtful and sustainable process of creating products that truly work, all with less destruction to the earth.


We honour the ancient history of healing properties of each natural ingredient we work with and at the same time recognize the science behind it. We only source the purest and most potent form of ingredients from our trusted suppliers that produce certified organic, cold-processed, unrefined, or wildcrafted grown from organic farming that helps minimize the damage to the environment and care for animal welfare.

We couldn’t imagine creating another beauty product no matter how exceptional if it means depleting our precious natural resources. That is why we also use a small percentage of naturally derived ingredients where it is possible to source it from a plant origin instead of it coming from an animal by-product. Or when the ingredient we are looking for is in extinction. Our methods are modern and methodological, and it is essential to create sustainable and transformative skincare products without hurting the wildlife and disrupting the earth.

Our Packaging

 Here in Nami Naturale, it is important that our packaging material meets our criteria selection of either being compostable, having a longer shelf-life so that it can be reuse or repurpose before it is recycled or recyclable. We avoid single use plastic wherever possible.

Our bottles are made of reusable and premium Miron glass, a dark violet glass that uses the science of biphotonic to maintain and prolong the potency and freshness of a product. We use amber glass bottles, PET plastic, and aluminum tin jars for our eco-luxury samples rather than single-use plastic sachets. All our packaging can be repurposed multiple times as a vessel for your skincare and cosmetic refills.

We only source FSC certified packaging boxes and papers. FSC certified means that the wood used in the product and the manufacturer that made it met the Forest Stewardship Council Requirements.

We use compostable chips made of potatoes as chip fillers. We use sturdy food-grade cardboard boxes as external packaging which you can repurpose to store tea bags, makeup brushes, a travel kit, pencil case, or any purpose of your liking.

For our limited-edition gift sets, we only use aluminum boxes which is the highest recycled material with less carbon footprint which you may use longer than a typical gift box.


Giving Back

We want you to feel good inside and out. The earth sustains us and we desire to give back. We are excited to partner with the East Coast Tree Project, an Irish Environmental Conservation Organization which aims to restore the ecosystem and biodiversity throughout Ireland by planting trees.