Our trust in the healing power of nature allows us to focus on creating potent natural skincare formulations to help you achieve healthy glowing skin and elevate your self-care ritual by harnessing the power of essential oils. Our goal is to create a beautiful experience for you each time you carve out time to take care of your self. With all this in mind, we are also conscious of our footprint on our planet earth. We’d like to think we are eco-warriors. And we are re-writing the beauty rules, breaking boundaries and trying to make the earth a better place to live in, one product at a time.


We only have one home. One life. So we try our best to appreciate this gift we call life in this home we call earth. We operate on the basis of honesty and respect. And we mean that by creating potions that truly work, all with less destruction of the earth.

By thoughtfully selecting our raw ingredients and minimizing our packaging, we keep costs down for you as well as for our planet which is at the very core of our beliefs.

To further show our commitment to support earth’s sustainability and as advocates of change, we have partnered with www.onetreeplanted.org. For every regular size product you purchase from our website, we will donate $1 to plant a tree. It’s a small step but we believe that small changes can make a difference in order to help earth heal so that humanity, nature and wildlife can thrive again.


Our mission is to bring you accessible, luxurious organic skincare. We believe this way of life should be available and enjoyed by everyone. In today’s market, many brands are jumping into the natural and organic way of life, however, we feel that there are very few affordable organic skincare products that everyone can easily obtain.
Good health should be available to all of us. By taking charge of our wellness and looking after our skin, we can achieve great things for our health. As the founder of Nami Naturale, I believe that doing these things doesn’t need to be expensive. I’m a mother and a woman who feels it urgent to address this gap in the market. Honest to us means being transparent to you, our customer. The desire of our mission here is to give you only the best honest skincare while keeping prices honest too.


At Nami Naturale, we believe in using minimal ingredients that work together to create a beautiful and therapeutic synergy.

We use botanical extracts with low molecule size to allow the products to easily penetrate the skin. We then combine active ingredients to our infusions to enable the nutrients for deeper skin absorption. Our proprietary formula delivers nourishing vitamins to hydrate, soothe and nourish the skin resulting in a healthy, resilient and glowing complexion. We select essential oils according to their healing and aromatherapeutic properties.

The magic happens when we find the right balance to achieve a harmonious formulation while marrying the scents of essential oils, botanical oils, and extracts to create divine potions steaming with beautiful aromatics that will nurture your skin and soothe your wellbeing.

Nami Naturale Skincare Line also uses an oil based-system making it self-preserving formulations with zero preservatives. We only use pure plant-based oils and active ingredients full of antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to calm, fortify and nourish your skin.


Saving the earth starts with actions. It all starts with your routine.
Here in Nami Naturale, there is more to using certified organic ingredients apart from its health benefits. We choose certified organic ingredients because we care about the earth. Because it is our only home.  We strive to be earth-friendly by choosing trusted suppliers who are committed to delivering the finest certified organic ingredients we use in our formulations. Organic is the most heavily regulated ingredient system in the world and guarantees no toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are used in the production of ingredients or manufacturing of products/ingredients. This means that organic ingredients are kinder to the environment. Organic is not a trend. Organic is a tradition we need to bring back.
By using organic ingredients we allow our planet to shine again.


With a focus on prevention and a holistic wellness approach, a healthy mind and  body comes full circle. You don’t need layers upon layers of skincare products, nor do you need to use overpriced formulations to get that healthy glow. Taking care of yourself inside and out means that everything else follows. This is my core belief, one that I hope will help you lead your best life.


The ingredients we use for our formulations matter to us and they should matter to you, too. We carefully choose certified organic natural ingredients that’s been proven therapeutically effective for a thousand of years and are backed up with scientific research. This knowledge allows us to formulate transformative skincare with vast benefits  for your wellness and elevates your self-care ritual like no other. We have created a range of multi-functional skincare products that are designed to address different parts of your body for nourishing it in many ways. Not only do we intentionally seek out the best quality and sustainble resources, we carefully select our natural resources to minimize our carbon footprint and disruption to the earth.



We are proudly made in Ireland, where we are required to comply with the strictest EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009. Because we are bound by this laws, we don’t need to create a propaganda on marketing our products as clean skincare to trick you. What we offer is honest to goodness pure natural organic skincare product that works.


We present you the ultimate skin food for nourishing your skin featuring our mood uplifting, natural and organic skincare. Our formulations are inspired by ancient tradition of healing and wellness and powered by nature.